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International Tennis Scholarships. Not every tennis player gets a Free Ride.

Thursday, June 1st 2017.

The idea that any good international tennis player can go to the USA on a college scholarship is most players dream, but is it reality?

Scholarships may not be as generous as you think andnot every tennis player gets a Free Ride.

But the chances of International Tennis players looking for financial aid to attend college in the USA are quite good actually.

And since full scholarships are not a guarantee you’ll need the grades to get in as well as star tennis status!

Start making potential school lists as early as age 14

Every school is different and it’s good to start this long process as early as your freshman year in high school..

That way you can start to prepare academically & on court early to reach your top schools
The Tipping Point is your specialization

To be a true contender for college tennis scholarships you need solid test scores and have a specialization – in your case, tennis – counts a great deal. It doesn’t guarantee a full scholarship but it improves your chances of getting at least partial aide.

A solid GPA of 3.5 + your specialization could actually compensate a lower SAT score.
International players at Top 10 schools by Division

Here are some interesting stats from the top 10 schools per division in regards to the average # of international players per team

D1 = mens (4) womens (2)
D2 = mens (7) womens (6)
D3 = mens (1) womens (1)

International players are clearly leading the way!

One of the biggest mistakes I see is families going for the status of an athletic scholarship at a D1/D2 school and overlooking many opportunities at D3 or NAIA schools

“Not everyone can play D1 or D2, and not everyone should” Coach Teresa Boylan of Sweet Briar College says.

Academic scholarships offered by D3 schools for good grades and test scores can often exceed the value of a D1/D2.”
Blue Chip Advantage

If you’re a Blue chip player don’t be surprised if you get invited to tour the facility and to interview with coaches and teammates.

Most national players have an easier time visiting schools but it’s certainly not a drawback of being an international student – athlete.
Money behind College Athletes? You betcha!

Did you know USA schools make obscene money on student- athletes?

Think about it!

All these top facilities and stadiums come from university athletic tickets, branding, media rights, merchandising and star athletes.

It’s real money baby!!!
Check this out!

# 1 school Alabama Crimson Tide brought in $123,769,841 in one year in athletic revenue.

And the # 40 school, The Oregon Ducks made $56,623,901 .

Unlike professional athletes who get PAID – student athletes do not, so where does all that money go? Do the math.

If you’re lucky enough to achieve a free or even partial education, make it really count!

Make every class, tutoring service and online course count!


Because while the college is using your talent to bankroll their revenue you also have a pretty outstanding opportunity in this game called – education.

So make your future plan for the next 4 yrs and work that plan in the classroom

The Coach will drive Tennis – You drive your academics!
You’re a Team Player now and Coach Expects Wins!

Now that you’ve landed a school you’re part of a team – you have a job to do.

You not only have classes and tests, but you also have long hours on court training, at the gym and traveling.

You probably never thought about the marginal free time you were going to have and how challenging it was going to be.

Here are some of the biggest challenges players mention:

Language barrier if English isn’t your first language
Time management
Grueling practice schedules
Keeping up with school while training and travelling
Different time zones to communicate with family and friends
Making money. You’re only allowed to work 20 hrs per week on campus yet you have no time
Quality of food – Fast and cheap but very unhealthy

That being said almost no one regrets the experience because:

Your teammates become like family
The school spirit is awesome
Competition is superior
Most facilities are top notch
Massive academic support is available to athletes
You become a master of time management
Your self confidence soars

What happens after College?

The chances of playing professional tennis after school is remote.

I’m not here to rain on anyone’s parade but the statistics show your chances are less than 1%.

And that’s to say nothing of your own desire to hang up your racquets on final game day.
But a future in Sports doesn’t sound so bad…

Set up your future for graduation day – NOW!

Many athletes are drawn to sports related fields…and many are high paying careers!
Possible career moves

Law for a potential spot in a sports agency
Sports Medicine
Marketing & Sales, which often hire prior athletes.

So did you already start the long process of searching for a school in the USA?

How are you going to do it? Are you doing it all by yourself or are you putting it in the hands of mom & dad?

Or are you using a recruiter instead?

Get your facts straight now before it’s too late.

There’s confusing, massive, headache size, stories all over the internet on college scholarships.

Finding a school on your own or using a recruiting company have pros and cons.

Doing it yourself is extremely time consuming and confusing, but you can save some money in the process.

A recruiter or consultant is “supposed” to find you the school that better matches your needs (grades, desired degree, UTR, scholarship coverage, etc)..but do they really do that?

My very long career in tennis has me witness to the the nightmare tennis scholarships can be for families.

That’s why I’ve never been able to recommend any consultant….until now.
So who the heck am I?

I’m an American tennis coach living in Spain and I’m also the tennis director of Costa del Tennis, a tennis travel company based in the Canary Islands.

This marks me a target for parents constantly asking me about college tennis scholarships for their kids. And as much as I wanted to help them, I couldn’t put my reputation behind any recruiter, especially with the feedback I received.

It wasn’t only until recently when a long time college coach and friend started his own consulting company that I realized I finally had somebody I could recommend.

After 21 years coaching the Louisiana State University and taking them to the highest level year after year, Tony Minnis struck out on his own and started consulting

Tony has been coined ‘the winningest coach in college tennis’.
But what makes Tony Minnis so special?

He uses his knowledge, on the ground experience and pool of coaches to help get kids get into “the right school”.

He’s such an authority on the subject, The Tennis Channel gave him his own time slot on air – Inside College Tennis.

He is transparent, down to earth and straightforward .

When Tony asked me to organize a junior showcase to explain to parents and players everything they needed to know before applying for scholarship in the USA, I didn’t hesitate.

You and I know if your kid picks the wrong school they may not only play the bench but they can also wind up not getting the academics they were looking for. And this can affect them for life.

I knew Tony was the only person I could trust to get them on the right path.

I also knew he’d speak from an honest voice, like it or not.
Showcase Dates

The dates we picked for the showcase is the last week of July 2017.

During this week international players will train with top Spanish juniors including a national tournament for points.

Every day after training, Tony will sit with parents and players to cover topics and answer any questions they have.

On top of this Tony, will provide one on one time with parents to ensure no stone is left unturned.

If you and your player want to be a part of this program you can apply and see if you’re a good fit for this showcase, but please know we have very limited spaces as he is a one man show.

After your meeting with Tony, he’ll understand your needs exactly and will help you make the right decisions.

Let him solve your puzzles, answer your questions, showcase your player and let him guide you to ease your anxieties.

Your headaches and concerns will be answered.

This experience will be intimate, human and productive.

Source: http://www.lovetennisblog.com/international-tennis-scholarships-not-every-tennis-player-gets-free-ride/

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